Gabriel Rebolla

Gabriel Is a pianist and Opera Coach from Brazil resident in Philadelphia seems 2010. He has performed oversees including Brazil, Italy, France and United States and currently it is a faculty member at Temple University. 


Gabriel is originally from Brazil and reside today in Philadelphia. 


He is currently music Director and organist of St Peter Lutheran Church in Chester Springs, PA where he has work for 10 years. 

University professor

JHe is also an adjunct faculty at Temple University working with the Opera and Voice department as a coach and accompanist.

Opera Festivals

He has worked with some of important international opera festivals such as La Musica Lirica IItali), Fio Americas (Brazil), Fio IItalia (Italy) and Russian Opera Workshop (US)

Piano teaching

Gabriel has been teaching piano t for beginners and advanced students of all ages for over 10 years. Alwas fun and very effective lessons. 

Opera Coach and Accompanist

Gabriel has worked with opera companies internationally

Language Coach 

Gabriel incredibly ability with languages makes him a successful coach helping singers with Italian, French, German, English,  Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. 


Gabriel has been playing voice lessons for over 20years in private studios and universities making him extremely experience in the traditional classical vocal repertoire. 

Russian Opera Experience

He was one of the coaches at Russian Opera Workshop in Philadelphia where he had the prepare 9 full Russian Operas and hundreds of Russian Art Songs. 

IMportant Awards 

Gabriel won three time the Carlos Gomes Medal in Brazil for his work with Opera Singers and a successful accompanist  


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Gabriel Rebolla returns with advanced students from Temple University’s Boyer School of Music for an engaging recital. Mr. Rebolla, one of the region’s top piano accompanists, instructs at Temple University and plays for other groups such as Russian Opera Workshop, Concert Operetta Theater and Opera on Tap.

Opera Roundtable 

Gabriel Rebolla, an experienced opera coach and piano professor, was the music director/pianist. The company specializes in simplified stagings with minimal accompaniment as it emphasizes the music and contemporary style of the original operettas. 


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